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Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Ever since we acquired broadband, the broadband cable has snaked across the living room floor from the set top box. Until tonight. Steven drilled holes in the floor, and I supervised, and pointed out the overwhelming tactical superiority of my suggestions for where the holes should go, and found the amazing three-pronged grabby thingy. And so on. So now the broadband cable passes neatly through the cellar. And as a byproduct, the router and hub are now out of the way; they're still cluttering up the place, but you have to look hard to spot them.

And I've been having great fun playing with Mac OS X icons.

Dr Plokta happened to mention that there's a little knot of Dead Nurse regulars on LiveJournal. So now I have a blog there too. I have not yet decided whether this will be a real blog, or just a mechanism through which I can post comments to all of their blogs.

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