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Monday, April 15, 2002

I've also put Note Tab Pro into my virtual PC, just to tide me over until I either (a) grit my teeth and buy BBEdit, or (b) find a cheaper text editor that has the sort of rather basic handspun HTML features that I love so well from Note Tab Pro.

And now I'm away to the television. Because one of the delights of today was that my DVD copy of series 1 of The West Wing arrived.

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By comparison, it took almost no time at all to get Agent running across the network. It is, to be fair, a bit slow. Virtual PC is a slow program, and is slowest when working across a network. But it's just about fast enough for news and mail reading, and it allows me to pick up my mail while at this machine and store it in one place. It takes forever to boot, but if you pause the virtual machine and drop it into the dock, it doesn't seem to affect the general system speed substantially.

Yes, it's true. All this trouble has basically been to prevent me from having to get up, walk five feet to the other machine, and sit down again.

I understand that it only took me such an age to install the OS because I went for the cheaper, Dos-only, verson of Virtual PC. If you don't live in a house with dozens of assorted versions of Windows lying around, you can pay extra for a VPC that includes Windows, and it's apparently much easier to install that way.

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So, only four hours later, the iMac runs Win98, albeit rather slowly. And, wonder of wonders, it can see the entire Windows network properly. It's no longer wireless; one of the sacrifices I had to make was to add a physical Ethernet cable. Virtual PC won't run full Windows peer to peer networking over the Airport card.

Alison's iMac running Win98

A sad sight

Next stage; installing Agent. Wish me luck.

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After only a month of racking my brains to think of an e-mail and news solution, I realised that what I really wanted to run on the iMac to read e-mail and Usenet was, of course, Agent. So I did three things. I went off to their website and thanked them for producing a program that I've happily used without complaint ever since version 0.99d or somesuch. I suggested that they might like to port it to Mac OS X. And I bought a copy of Virtual PC.

Agent Spy icon

And even as we speak, I'm busily installing Windows 98SE. On this computer. While blogging. Woo.

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