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Thursday, April 11, 2002

It turns out that Microsoft's ultra cheap UK academic pricing for the parents of five-year-olds applies only to the PC version of Office, and Windows itself. It's almost as if they don't want to encourage people to use an alternative OS. I am still seeking a cheaper way to get hold of a fully legal copy of OfficeX for Mac; until I get Word onto this machine it will still feel a bit like a toy to me. I probably should have shelled out for a half-price one with the machine. Too late now of course. And even half-price feels like a lot, given than I own umpty-um legal copies of Office for the PC. Not that I'm sulking or anything.

I had the second stage of the interminable promotion exercise today. This was an assessment centre, with various artificial group exercises, personality tests ("nutter"), aptitude tests ("delivery boy"), interviews and so on. The written exercises used pen and paper again, though the recruitment people had become notably defensive about it since the first stage. I wonder how many people gave them feedback about it then?

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We hybrid network owners are very definitely Happy Together.

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