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Friday, April 12, 2002

David Stewart wrote, to let me know that he had e-mailed a contact at Microsoft to ask whether there was any prospect of some form of affordable promotion on WordX. Apparently there was a promotion on Word 2001 last summer. The response was that there were no immediate plans but that they might consider it for a limited promotional period in the shorter-term while working through their future development plans.

Meanwhile, perusal of eBay and other online auction sites suggests that not-previously-registered full copies of Photoshop 4.0 sell for no more than £100, and can of course be registered and then upgraded. So that's my current plan for becoming Photoshop-enabled. It is, of course, possible that the much cheaper and not-yet-carbonized Photoshop Elements would fulfill my needs (as I don't really do anything that can properly be described as pre-press). However, I can't tell. Sites that purport to compare the two just say that there are 'many differences' in the handling of layers between the two programs. Pictures like the Thunderbirds cover of Plokta are made up of dozens of layers, sorted into several layer groups. I don't know whether or not this sort of thing (which is my primary use of Photoshop) can be done in Elements.

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Dr Plokta rang, and said "It's official. The entire nation is in mourning".

Did they see a different film? Dept: The Evening Standard TV preview suggests we might like to watch Galaxy Quest, and that one of its particular merits is that "refreshingly, none of the actors are hamming it up".

I had a go at this:
What's your FOTR slash pairing?
Well, there's a surprise.

Oh, yes, and I came home from work to discover a scene of chaos, with husband and baby both covered more or less from head to foot in blood, and piles of blood-soaked clothing and paper towels everywhere. Steven was traumatised but Jonathan was laughing his head off. It turns out to have been a nose bleed occasioned by bouncing up and down on the sofa sufficiently enthusiastically to bounce right off the sofa and land on the floor by way of the coffee table. By the time I arrived, Jonathan had been consoled by being allowed to play with the very special Brio clown, and showed no sign whatsoever of injury.

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