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Wednesday, May 1, 2002

Such excitement. I ordered The Complete Ultima VII from Ebay, and using Exult, I am now running it on the iMac.

In a triumph of copy protection, the protection on U7 requires one to have a copy of the map. The map was provided on the CD; unfortunately in too little detail to make out any of the placenames or the tiny latitude and longitude numbers that are needed to get past the inquisitive mayor. Don't they get people to playtest these cheapie editions? Thank goodness for the Internet.

I'm so happy. I can play it all again, and I can play the Silver Seed, which I've never done. And all on the iMac. Exult works perfectly well on the PC too, of course, but there's something particularly satisfying about playing this game on the Mac. It was always famous for not running on any PC unless a carefully tuned DOS boot disk was provided. And now it just sits happily in one of several windows. Woo. The "Complete Ultima VII" was also notable because the install guide includes instructions for getting U7 running under Win95. Ha ha ha.

In other news, I'm using MT Newswatcher but I still don't like it much. I need to tinker with it. And I'm checking my email periodically from this machine by using Demon's much improved web mail interface. So perhaps I can eradicate every trace of Yahoo from my machines, as suggested by Steve Davies. Though I'm not sure what to do about the several mailing lists I'm a member of on Yahoogroups.

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