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Wednesday, March 20, 2002

A letter arrived in the post from "The helpline offers practical solutions to all kinds of problems, including advice on your computer's system software and all the major software titles: and help with printing difficulties, internet compatibility and software configuration."

I am toying with ringing them and saying "Ok, I've mounted the PC shares on the Mac using Samba, and the wireless router's properly encrypted now. But can you suggest a solution for printer sharing that allows me to keep my precious HP LaserJet 4+ attached to the Athlon, while still printing from the iMac? And I'd like to be able to view all the public folders and all my personal folders directly from the PCs, too, while you're at it. Can you suggest a combined email and newsreading package, as part of your software support, because I've grown accustomed to having them combined in a program and I'm not sure how I could cope with separating them again. And how am I supposed to listen to Late Junction if there's no Real Player for OS X?"

The helpline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so if i get particularly frustrated, I may ring them at three in the morning and ask all these things.

Tibs wrote to say "I particularly like the picture of the mousehole." He also complained, in pot-kettle interface mode, that my homepages hadn't been updated in a good long while. Tibs is a NeXT fan, who waxes poetic about the way programs all work together if an operating system is properly designed. I explained, in my extremely un-expert way, that I thought that was one of the intended beautiful features of OS X. The fabulous columnar display in Finder is from NeXT too, I believe.

My RAM is at the post office; Crucial were super-efficient. Once I put it in tomorrow, this computer will be fully user-upgraded. This is a very strange notion for me. Though I might have to buy a set of soundsticks or at least a subwoofer of some kind.

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