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Saturday, March 9, 2002

On March 6 I wrote:

I may shortly become a migrant. I spent part of the weekend reading "OS X: The Missing Manual" which, I suspect, is not something that mere Mac Voyeurs do. I think I may have moved into the Mac Aspirants group. This is, like, a total religious conversion thing for me.

And on March 8:

Credit cards are truly a force for evil. told me that they had the iMac in stock; and do named day delivery on Saturday morning. So, if all is well, I will have one in my grubby little fingers by half past twelve tomorrow.

Coming soon; some sort of iMac migration webpage, with full frontal unpacking shots.

And this is it. What for? I want to write about the trials and tribulations of moving onto a Mac after a decade of Windows.


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