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Friday, March 15, 2002

I was too tired last night, having finished the DVD, to add another entry. In case anyone is web browsing for information, sometime in the far distant future: The NAD T550 is compatible with DVD-Rs produced using Apple's Superdrive. I do think I may have burnt it in NTSC instead of PAL by mistake, though.

I was delighted to be able to watch a finished DVD of my little darlings on the telly, with movies and a slideshow. I'm sure it's not of general interest. How long have I had the iMac? Four days? I'm convinced of its worth.

A survey fell through the door, seeking information from technophiles. We didn't by any means own all the gadgets they listed. We don't have a webcam, or a GPS receiver, or a satellite dish, for example. And although we have a WAP phone, we've never set up the WAP on it, despite the killer app for WAP (or indeed GPS) -- the website that tells you, no matter where you are in the UK, the location of your nearest public convenience. But it asked us how many computers there were in the house, and of those, how many were Macintoshes. And how much we've ever spent online. Both that answer, and the answer to 'how much was your most recent online purchase', were at the very tippy top end of the scale. Normally, if you asked me that, I'd have just bought a book.

I thought it would be fun to listen to the radio while blogging, so I fired up iTunes to have a look at what was available under my favourite category, "eclectic". I went to Radio Free Tiny Pineapple, which is great, and which consists of an individual streaming selections from his record collection (originally) so he could listen to them in the office. He had a few listeners, and then he suddenly found himself on the iTunes list and got a load more. If you like his taste in music, he suggests you buy a CD from his Amazon links. Can anyone run a station like this, I wondered. I quickly discovered Save Internet Radio! Truly the DCMA is an evil piece of legislation.

Dr Plokta rang me, to tell me about his Ebay Waste Disposal Plan. "I got £22.37 for the DVD of Eyes Wide Shut", he exulted. I confess I'm as boggled as him. Why would somebody pay more than the full purchase price of a DVD to buy it on Ebay? He then explained his cunning plan. He's going to sell a load of crap on Ebay, and when he's made £1700, he's going to buy an iMac. "Why don't you just go out and get one, you cheap git?" I asked, gently. Dr P has a greater disposable income than any other three people I know, thanks to his minimal outgoings and huge salary ("not much per page impression"). "It's not an iMac acquiring programme, it's a clutter reduction programme", he explained. So I've directed him at Flylady; after eleven days of her tender ministrations, my house is about 1% decluttered. Three years, that's not too many.

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Well, it certainly appears that iDVD rocks. The moment of truth; will a handcrafted iDVD play in my NAD T550? Nobody on the world wide web appears to know. You'll find out here, in, oh, about twenty minutes or so.

Meanwhile, I understand that the iMac is a proper multitasking computer. So although I'm sending this entry by the email to blog bridge, it will appear correctly and not interfere with the DVD writing.

Oh, yes, and for regular readers, we appear to have mice again. I must try to video one.

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I believe I have taken the last step towards deciding that Radio Userland is the blogging program for me. It was very nice, but I wanted to be able to blog from anywhere. And it turns out that there's an email to blog bridge, which I'm now using.

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