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Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Well, relatively few minutes later and I'm running Radio on the iMac on my properly encrypted wireless network. It all proved much easier than I expected. I'm beginning to find my way around the UI, as well. Though I'm sure there are loads of times when I do things in a Windows-ish way despite the fact that there's probably a much easier Mac-ish way I'm not getting.

But is there really no equivalent to Alt-Tab? And I am still heroically using the exquisitely beautiful one-button mouse with no scroll wheel. I know that it's probably much better for my hands, but I have not the faintest idea what I'm supposed to use instead. Can anyone recommend a mouse as beautiful as the Apple Pro mouse, but with (at least) two buttons and a scroll wheel?

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Omniweb is beautiful but deeply inadequate; many of my favourite sites turn out to be missing large chunks using it. But anti-aliasing may just be essential. Why have I never noticed huge numbers of blocky, ugly web pages before I started using a Mac?

Meanwhile, I'd like to be sending this message from the iMac, but installing and migrating Radio seems like rather too hard a task for this time of night. I will have to investigate.

My little boy (him of the iMac box) has croup and I've been paying (marginally) more attention to him than to my new toy. He loves the iMac and keeps pressing the keys and getting that lovely alert noise. Luckily, until he can move the mouse over the thumbnail picture against his name and click, he's not getting to do anything else with the machine, and I reckon that's at least a year away. 

Jon Asato  emailed me with some tips on getting the broadband encryption working again. I'm off to try them.

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