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Monday, March 11, 2002

OK. A report at roughly the end of the first day. As long as I'm just playing with the iMac, everything seems fine. But I couldn't get the Airport card to talk to the broadband router until I turned off the encryption. So the hordes of people who wander up and down the streets of Walthamstow searching for unencrypted wireless networks will be able to find mine. I quickly put passwords on all the shares, though the Mac seems to be properly controlled already.

As for those PC shares, Dr Plokta managed to mount them briefly. It was much like a David Attenbrough programme featuring porcupines. But whatever he did, it wasn't sufficient and I can't find them again. Meanwhile, the best way of sharing files from the Mac to the PC appears to be to publish them on the virtual intranet server, which is daft but effective.

All this meant that the bits where I go 'ooh, isn't it pretty' were overlaid with large chunks of 'But guess what! Configuring networks is just as bad as ever (or maybe a bit worse)'. I did have several terrific moments along the way. There's only one plug. The base of this machine is more beautiful than any part of any of my PCs. The screen is astonishing; Dr P had to turn the brightness down because it was hurting his eyes, even through the dark glasses. All the packaging was elegant. I edited a short movie in iMovie in half an hour ("Call it 'cutebabies0001', said Dr P, morosely). Each of the users has their own little photograph on the login screen (we're such a beautiful family).

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OK, it's on the desk, it's initialised, it's asking me for data. Name, age, shoe size, email address, that sort of thing.

Whoops! Where's the @ sign gone? Goodness, this migration business might be harder than I thought.

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I promised you an iMac unpacking shot.

 Jonathan helps unpack the iMac










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This, frankly, has nothing whatsoever to do with the iMac, but quite a lot to do with learning how to use Radio. Here's a picture of my daughter, Marianne, together with one of the flowers from the amaryllis she's been growing since New Year, and a painting of the amaryllis.

Marianne has painted an amaryllis


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Monday morning. Still no iMac, but with a bit of luck this will now appear at the much more sensible location . Which it does, but without its style elements. Let's keep working on this.

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