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Friday, August 30, 2002

I have got back from holiday, and it's time to have a clearout. In particular, I've decided that I want to use Macadamia for broader purposes than just talking about the iMac. I've stopped converting to the Mac, for one thing. I use it for some stuff, and I use the PCs for some stuff. And I use the Clié for some stuff. Astonishingly much stuff, in fact; I had never realised how much time I spent just hanging around. I now use all that time productively playing Aldon's Crossing instead. I realise I love toy computers. In particular, I love being able to sit on the tube and play the same sort of games that, only fifteen years ago, kept me up nights on my home machine. I also appear to love all sorts of other small portable gadgets, mmm. More of that later.

I got promoted, started my new job, and promptly spent a month exhausted, exhilarated, and miserable. Mind you, they do pay me a lot of money. Not exactly a telephone number salary, but it's nice to realise I'm earning just a little bit more than the phone number I had when I bought my first house. I then went on holiday for a fortnight; firstly to my brother's wedding, where Marianne was a charming bridesmaid (gif coming soon, have no fear), and then for a week at each set of APs. Initially nervy about managing without broadband for a fortnight, I soon settled into a routine where, although I know nothing and have no means of finding it out, I do have time to read books and play with my kids.

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