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Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Simon also pointed me in the direction of the Orbit skin for Mozilla. Which improves my browsing experience no end. However, Mozilla and Radio don't seem to like each other on this machine at the moment. Too tired to sort it out.

I installed the OS X drivers for my Graphire tablet, and it appears, hooray, to work in the second USB port on the keyboard. Which is jolly useful, because I'll need to pass it between the two computers for the forseeable.

Still no Real Player for OS X. But I sort of got a Late Junction fix yesterday, by watching The Nyckelharpa Strikes Back, narrated in part by Verity Sharp. I was assembling flatpack furniture at the time, and would say more except that it might be an IKEA story. The nyckelharpa is a truly strange Swedish instrument, and the programme appeared, of course, on BBC Four, the digital channel which appears to be fulfilling the programming remit of, well, BBC2.

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