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Tuesday, September 3, 2002

I'm trying to get Radio's mail-to-blog bridge working again. Regular readers will remember that for this to work, we need a free pop3 email service that doesn't ad text-based ads to the emails pulled from the pop3 server. I set up a suitable account with Yahoo, but they promptly started charging for pop3. And quite right too -- there's no possible business model. Yahoo previously served 'targeted ads' to the account -- which were of course immediately deleted by Radio when it went to pick up the pop3.

I tried to set up an account with HotPOP, but it didn't like my posting from behind a router and wouldn't register me. The cheerfully pidgin looks a sight less professional, but has so such problems. So let's see how it goes. Latvia here we come!

In our Life imitates the psychotic ravings of Dr Plokta section, we discover that Marianne will not, after all, be the first child in England to be fitted with GPS. Lurking only a little way behind this story is famed nutbar Kevin Warwick, recently added to the guest list of this year's Novacon. The electronic tagging story is on PNN too, but buried in a comments section. Perhaps you're wondering if it's remotely plausible? So is the Register.

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