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Friday, September 6, 2002

I had a first experience of the Silver Cross last night; I see already that Sandra didn't think much of it but I thought it was all right. I never liked the Florence Nightingale, where the upstairs room was dark, filthy and dingy, and looked as if it had had no money spent on it since the dawn of time. We don't quite have a private room at the Silver Cross, but we do have a bar, and better beer and food. The new pub is somewhat noisier than the Dead Nurse, too, though they did turn off the music downstairs.

The company was quite good, though it felt as if slightly fewer people were there; I met Bill Burns (of the startlingly useful e-fanzines), who is staying at Kittywompus while visiting London for a few days. John Richards worked himself up into a high froth over The Scottish Convention Mk II. I matched faces to the names of Colin Jack and Pete Young. I drank slightly too much beer.

Rob Newman gave me a flyer for Dangercon 40, coming up in November and with the most reasonable registration fee of £1. "Surely there haven't been 39 previous Dangercons?" I asked. Though I do wonder sometimes. Avedon despaired of the executive branch of the US government again, and there was much discussion of the way in which the West Wing acts as US civics education for the British. I also talked shop with Annabelle, who works in the same organisation as me and is also newly promoted. Owen Whiteoak helpfully gave me three copies of the Fortean Times, which turns out to be a startlingly entertaining magazine.

I was pretty squiffy by the time I got home, so no chance to read the new IKEA catalogue. It's waiting for me at home, tantalising; I'll curl up with it tonight. The IKEA catalogue is beguiling for SF fans, promising a clutter-free life without either throwing things away or tidying them up.

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