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Thursday, November 28, 2002

Early Photography and Recent Radio

Fascinating article about preserving the first photograph, and the quest to identify, understand and catalogue the many different chemical processes used in photography before they're all lost in antiquity. (via Dave Locke on Trufen).

And then, having been fascinated, and reading a few articles, I pause. Perhaps this is something that everyone else with the faintest interest in photography already knows. I have reason to be concerned. This morning, as we were half-asleep, Foxy played American Pie. And afterwards, said what a great song it was, and explained that he had discovered the previous week that the song was actually about the death of Buddy Holly. Well, this just confirmed our growing belief that Neil Fox is one of the most pig ignorant people on the planet. He's my age. I don't suppose I've heard more often than several thousand times that American Pie is about the death of Buddy Holly. I don't know how anyone of my generation could grow up listening to popular music on the radio without learning that fact. And it seems to me inconceivable that someone could make a career in presenting popular music on the radio without ever having discovered that.

Rumour has it that Chris Tarrant will only work 6 months of 2003. We find his heir presumptive impossibly thick. As Tarrant spends less time in the studio, Capital loses listeners. At some point, they're going to lose two more. Does anyone have any recommendations for morning radio that's not moronic and not the Today programme? No violent music either (another Tarrant feature is that he vetos the playlist, so when he's not there they play all sorts of unlistenable rubbish). We listen from 6:45 to 7:30 or so.

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Those nice people at Popcap have produced a lovely addictive Java game, and if your boss catches you playing it, just explain that you're developing typing skills to improve your productivity. I just want to find out what the next ranking beyond "Lord Poseidon" is.

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