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Friday, November 22, 2002

A big shiny knob with a blue glowing bit

I fear I laughed when Simon Bisson told me he owned a Griffin PowerMate. Griffin had a stall at Mac Expo, and I picked up a PowerMate and also a Power Pod for the car.

What does the PowerMate do? Well, it sits on your desk and looks really cool. That's what you need a peripheral for, isn't it? It also scrolls, which is handy, and acts as a (rudimentary) jog wheel in iMovie and similar apps. The chap from Griffin explained all this in a calm professional manner. "But what I really need to know," I explained, "is this: Will it play Tempest?" He suddenly became animated. "Yes! In MacMame! It's fabulous!" I had to buy one of course; and I haven't quite got it running perfectly yet, but it's clearly a damn sight better than a mouse. And I can't think of a better reason to buy a dedicated peripheral than to play a twenty-year-old video game. Works on PCs, too. Though it will probably make them look ugly.

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