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Thursday, December 5, 2002

I know my limitations, and have never made any serious attempt to write poetry. So I was pleased to discover that Commander Taco provides a deep wellspring of bad poetry on topics of your choosing. Here's what it was inspired to write on reading my son's birth report (via Uffish Thoughts):

We Can Reproduce it
if you can Reproduce
it was forced to my baby go
to have got
the pain, relief, in a long
evening I knew that desperately
wanted a baby at the baby
And then flat baby. in my blood
test had brought
work. because got a
couple of the horrifying things seem
to keep them as
a result
of a hearty lunch
Or possibly in
of HTML before breakfast. Friday
morning Spiros was a good
to see me.
It gives you hanging around, feeling I resorted
to get up, on his
had showed I that Jonathan
might go back to arrive.

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