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Tuesday, December 3, 2002

Just back from the Pig's Ear Beer Festival. I paid a flying visit today because the t-shirt design is brilliant (the same as the poster on the website) and they've normally sold out of shirts by Saturday -- the day they have a creche. I did take the opportunity to sample a small amount of beer, including at least one specially brewed for the festival (Wolf Brewery's Spice Pigs).

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Not that I normally post quizzes, but there's a nice one for beard festishists here. (via Sneerpout).

But the really big news is that Marianne has two wobbly teeth! We further explored her belief system. "You've got wobbly teeth! That's great!" "Yes, Mummy; I'm really really excited!" "Why?" "Because if I put my tooth under my pillow the tooth fairy will come and take it away!" "Really?" "Oh, yes." "And does she leave you anything in exchange?" Marianne looked confused at that point. "I can't remember."

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