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31. Learn 20 songs to sing well enough for floor spots.

June 26, 2009: The club has closed for the summer. As well as those below, I've also sung "Anthem to Bureaucracy" (pretty badly), "Oak, Ash and Thorn" (pretty well), "The Hard Cheese of Old England" (not very well). And probably some others. I have "Senex Macdonaldus" ready to go, and I am working hard on a version of "The Lollipop Tree" accompanied on melodeon.

Feb 26, 2007: Well, I've done several floor spots at the folk club so far, and only one of them has been a disaster ("The Morse Code Song"). Songs I've sung reasonably successfully include "No Such Thing", the Omsk Bomsk song, "Early One Evening" and "Learning to Love". So this one is definitely started.

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