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13. Hop out of bed early; only stay up late for good reason (good friends, exciting events, good cheer; but not to get to level 9).

February 26, 2007: I am doing slightly better on both of these. I was inspired somewhat by an article on Lifehack: Throw a Lifeline to Your Future. The hack is to spend 30 minutes building your future first thing each day. It starts with 'what kind of future do you want?' I'll decide that later; but I'm fairly sure that delivering the 101 things would be a great help with whatever sort of future.

For me, spending 30 minutes each day building my future does require me to get up 30 minutes earlier, but it also gives me some hop-out-of-bed inspiration. Luckily, I typically spend at least 30 minutes idling in bed in the morning between when I wake up and when I get up in earnest, so there's scope. I did the hack 3 days in a row, but didn't this morning. Life seemed too hard really. Of course, I had stayed up past midnight the night before, and very much later (I blame Lilian) the night before that.

So, a good night's sleep and then 30 minutes future-building. That's doable.

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