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80. Read 50 non-fiction books that aren't trivial.

2. A Theory of Fun for Game Design by Ralph Koster. I've been intending to get this since it came out, and eventually got it shipped from the US through Amazon Marketplace. Since I (mostly) stopped playing games, I've been noticing how many of the other activities I enjoy mimic the way that fun is delivered in video games. I wonder if this is true for everyone, or whether I've corrupted my brain through 30 years of gaming. Or perhaps it was always that way.

1. How to Write a Dirty Story, by Susie Bright. I think there's something odd about my psyche that causes me to be more excited by books about writing dirty stories than about books of dirty stories. This turned out to be a bit of a dirty book, though, because I bought it as an eBook and it's trapped, DRM-wise, on my PowerBook. I had sort of gambled that stripping the text would be fairly trivial, but I haven't actually got around to trying. Anyway, Susie Bright could be entertaining on the subject of stripping DRM; and this examination of erotica is jolly entertaining.

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