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84. Implement anti-consumer month in September and February (each year)

September's anti-consumer month is a bit of a mixed bag so far. It's going well, in that we're not buying trivial stuff we don't need for the most part, and we are buying our groceries from the supermarket, avoiding takeaways and taxis, and so on. I also rooted out my Benjy's vouchers and am buying my lunch there instead of the expensive coffee shops. We are, as a family, sitting together and watching a DVD (Maddigan's Quest) each evening instead of going out, too.

On the other hand, it's going badly in that our old and hated dishwasher turned up its toes just after the beginning of the month. The new one is a Miele and our dishes are sparkly clean. Worse, Co van Ekeren got back to me with a proposition for how I could lay my hands on one of his P200 twin rigs at a reasonable cost. The dishwasher is pretty much allowed in anti-consumer month. But the twin rig is clear frippery.

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