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46. Dance regularly.

June 26, 2007: More irregular dancing. We went to a Euroceilidh at Cecil Sharp House, we danced every day at the Chippenham Folk Festival, and we went to the ceilidh at The Big Session. Plus I did lots of just regular dancing at various of the shows. We've even thought vaguely about joining a morris team. Vaguely.

August 31, 2006: This doesn't really count as regular, but we did a lot of dancing at Towersey Village Festival. We attended workshops on beginner's ceilidh, beginner's dance steps, and couple's Eurodances, and went to the welcome ceilidh with Mawkin and the fabulous Whapweasel ceilidh on Saturday night. But last year we planned to extend that into the winter and didn't manage to.

Dance mat counts too for this of course, and I danced doubles on a real arcade machine for the first time in North Wales. That was fun but I was rubbish.

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