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21. Keep those inboxes clear at both home and work.

1 March 2007: I'm going to count this as completed; they're essentially clear all the time, and if one (normally the home one) gets out of control then I've always managed to clear it up by Friday. Work got cured completely and hopefully permanently when I got a BlackBerry; it's changed my way of handling things to one that uses trains and waiting time to perpetually comb through incoming email -- the limitations of the BlackBerry largely prevent me from getting sidetracked onto what is most urgent.

23 September: They're both clear. They've been clear for a couple of weeks. All the actions are sorted, GTD-style, in contextual boxes. I'm pretty pleased with this one: if it were a habit, I'd be doing it.

8 August: My work inbox is clear. My home email inbox has 47 messages in it, which is much better than it often is and which includes all the outstanding starred messages I think.

My home paper inbox is completely out of control at the moment. Thursday.

So this is started

1 August 2006. Down to 36. To be fair, most of those are now 'quite' or 'very' hard to deal with. Turns out there's a few more in starred email. But if I had my inbox clear then the starred email would work properly. Hmm.

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