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March 17, 2007

The Copper Plated Nail

The copper plated nailThis came in a science kit and included a nail, but you probably have everything you need around the house. What you need: a small dish, some loose copper change, salt and vinegar. Oh, and a nail.

Suitable for ages: well, round here it wowed people from ages 6 up to umpty-um.

Put a dozen copper coins in a small dish. Pour some salt on them, and then add vinegar. Er, cheap vinegar is fine, but we didn't have any. We used balsamic. Also fine. Wait for a while. We waited an hour or so. It says the coins will come out shiny clean but ours were a mess to be honest; I think this experiment may date from before copper coins were a thinly-plated base metal. Then put your perfectly ordinary nail into the now copper-infused liquid. Wait another hour or so, then stand your now copper-plated nail on its end to dry.

Amaze your parents. Oh yes.

Why it works: oh, go Google.

Posted by Alison Scott at March 17, 2007 04:12 PM


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