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March 20, 2007

EasyCrop and EasyFrame

mands.jpg Sometimes Photoshop is just too darned chunky. I followed a link to Yellow Mug software from another blog, and discovered that they say that their pictures are resized and framed for the web using EasyCrop and EasyFrame in under 30 seconds. For EasyCrop, you drag a picture from anywhere to its well, drag a crop window (or define the size), set a slider to change the resolution, and then, once all is well, drag the result off to your desktop or other program. You can send the output from EasyCrop to EasyFrame. To be fair it must have taken me a full minute to generate this picture, but that's because I tested all the frames. You can even upload your own frames to this program, and I probably will. Brill. EasyCrop and EasyFrame cost a few dollars each, or you can buy a bundle that does this, plus a similarly sweet screenshot program, plus a pile of interesting utilities, for $40, or $50 for a family bundle. I love family bundles and that is what I'll be getting.

Meanwhile, isn't this a cute photo? From 2000, at her Grandad's wedding. I'm just fixin' to sell the little red dress on eBay. Unless you know a particularly gorgeous three year old who needs it.

Posted by Alison Scott at March 20, 2007 02:27 AM


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