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June 11, 2005

Statement of Intent

I'm back, I'm staying back. Comments are cleansed, trackbacks have gone.
Trinkets have gone -- I'm still doing sidebar links but they're now at Del.Icio.Us. You can generate an RSS from that or add it to your consolidated set of del.icio.us links.

I know it's still untidy. My excuse is that I've been busy, and I've been listening to a lot of music -- the next post. I've also bought one of these. It's lovely, and the Migration Assistant meant that I plugged my old iMac into my new iMac, waited an hour or so, and then had all my stuff right there and working, just as I like it. The easiest new computer set up I've ever had.

And it means this blog has now come full circle and lasted me through an entire desktop lifecycle. I do miss my beloved anglepoise iMac; it would still be highly saleable on eBay, but is now my daughter's computer. She's delighted and is learning to type. Every five minutes or so, she turns the screen towards me to show me some cool thing, and I do miss being able to do that. I console myself with the knowledge that I could put this computer on a sturdy arm if I wished. My son, a playing-in-boxes baby when I got my very first Mac, is now in school, and a dab hand on computers himself. We've acquired several other Macs in the last three years, and have influenced numerous friends; SF cons here are overrun by Apple laptops.

I've been busy; with work, with Interaction, with the Postgraduate Diploma in Public Finance and Leadership, with the Nikoli puzzle site (particularly Nurikabe and Light Up), and with lots and lots of music.

So I did wonder whether to stop blogging; retreat to LJ, del.icio.us and even fanzines. It would be a sensible break point. But I still have things to write about.

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