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39. Photograph and archive the things my kids make.

23 September: The lightbox arrived, and proved to be rather more complicated to use than I'd expected (I think I might have guessed). Nevertheless, I present for your delight and delectation the first three objects.

clay head with feathers

A clay head with feathers, made by Jonathan in 2006

white, orange and yellow papier mache vase

A papier maché vase made by Marianne in 2004

pink wireform and plaster sculpture

"Pink Thing", made by Jonathan in 2006

19 August: Simon Bisson had blogged about buying a cheap eBay lightbox. I went to look, and after thinking for a bit, bought a rather more complicated set that included a cheap lightbox, backdrops, lights and reflective acrylic. It hasn't arrived yet, but the thing that convinced me was realising that taking archive photos of weird papier maché artifacts before disposing of them would be so much better with a lightbox. So this is started. I've also corralled several of the latest round of weird things in one place.

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