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9. Make my teeth as healthy as I can.

16 September 2006: It gets worse. Now that the gum inflammation is lessening, it's easier for my dentist to tell what is wrong with my teeth. So, I need a wisdom tooth out. But several of my other teeth feel loose, which is all rather depressing. Hmm.

3 August: I've now had half the treatment, so my mouth looks lopsided, and been given lots of instructions about implementing an oral hygiene regimen that would take about 30 minutes a day. "As healthy as I can" doesn't, I think, include actual obsession.

My children blindsided me. I took them to the dentist for a checkup, and they asked the dentist if he'd give me a checkup too. So he did! And of course, I need several painful and expensive visits, the first of which is booked for Thursday 3 August. So this is now started.

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