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18. Don't eat in front of a screen for a week...

19 August: This one is proving rather intractible. Even were it not for the problems of eating lunch at my desk, I got up this morning, discovered the remains of last night's takeaway in the fridge, and grabbed the nan and the dead curry to scoop up while I checked my aggregator. Yum.

3 August: Very embarrasingly, I realised, delighted, that I'd done this all day today! Quite by accident -- I didn't eat breakfast, I had lunch with one of my mentees, and dinner at the dining table with my family (and one of the common '101 things' people cite is to do that occasionally, but I digress). However, just as I was about to write about it, I absent-mindedly grabbed some of the bread off the lovely new loaf from Akdeniz and brought it back to me. Whoops. I'll try again tomorrow.

The next day I failed because there was just no time to get out of the office for lunch, and the sandwich lady came round. Plus I started ruminating on whether I need to change this so that it includes not eating on the tube as well as not eating in front of computers. Anyway, it's now Thursday, and I'm having another go.

I did this on Thursday and Friday, and much of Saturday. But I think that munching chocolate while browsing the Internet counts. So I'm starting again tomorrow. Hmm.

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