March 01, 2003

Gwŷl Dewi

Rattling off the last post, I completely forgot that March 1st was St Davids Day.
I'm not the sort of person who follows saints days, and last year I rather boggled London co-workers who were working up footballing enthusiasm for St George's. Perhaps it was mean to mention that he was patron saint for Canada, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Malta, Palestine and Portugal, and cities in Italy, Russia and Turkey. Not to mention herpes, leprosy and plague.
It's easy to find all this and more with the web, using pages like this one.
There are patron saints for all sorts of causes, though I thought it was a bit dodgy that Joseph's patronage covers people who fight communism. And while it was comforting to know that saintly patronage extends to poor helpless accountants, I don't really understand why invincible people need a patron saint.
Still, you have to admire the even handedness of patronising enemies of religion.

Posted at March 1, 2003 06:27 PM