January 03, 2003

Maps, Mirrors, Minds

I grew up fascinated by Tarot, sparked by a book of fortune telling methods that somehow washed up at my grandparents. Good Methodists both, they theoretically disapproved of such hocus-pocus, but in practice were too good hearted to be troubled by a bit of harmless fun. They were more spooked by their grandson reading mathematical and engineering texts left by a lecturer great uncle. Probably more sceptical as a seven year old than I am now, I was as susceptible as anyone to the lure of secret and easy knowledge. I've since grown more wary of free lunches, but edged toward the not uncommon view that symbolic methods might guide us toward answers we are too busy to see with our conscious mind.
Whatever, my aged relatives certainly wouldn't have been troubled by the Peanuts Arcana tarot deck, much blogged (but which I picked up from Avram Grumer).
Even fluffier, but in some ways more impressive, the Playmobil tarot showcases cleverly designed Major Arcana using Playmobil figures. The gallery is playfully accompanied by a tarot reader.
And of course the readings all feel true.

Posted at January 3, 2003 12:24 AM