December 20, 2002

Divine Endurance

And while we're on the theme of losing contact with religious faith, I don't particularly recommend that you visit, but suggest instead the website of science fiction author Greg Egan. Egan has a penchant for deconstructing (but also constructing) the marvellous within a tightly rational materialism. I'm not sure if contemporary religion has come under his steely gaze, but in Oceanic, he cruelly disects experiences of religious euphoria generated by physical distress and anoxia, albeit in a post AI rehumanised world 20,000 years from now. Thought provoking stuff, and more emotionally involving than some of Egan's other work. Available as an e-book (it was my first experience of the form), or full text available online here.

Posted at December 20, 2002 11:56 PM