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29 March 2008 meeting reminder

The end of month meeting is confirmed. David Faldon will be around from 10am until at least 2pm. Everyone is very welcome, regardless of strength or experience. Feel free to contact us by leaving a comment or sending an email.

The club meets at Caffe Nero, 10 Bedford Street, London WC2E 7HE. [map] Charing Cross, Embankment, Covent Garden and Leicester Square stations are closest. Check which lines are running with Transport for London


I'm Andrei Kasperovich from Belarus. Would you like to share experience of shogi meetings in Caffe Nero at http://shogipro.com/forum/index.php ? I think it would be interesting for shogi players in other countries

Thanks for commenting Andrei. You've reminded me that I should join the Shogi Prospect forum, which I will now do.