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February 25, 2006

Friday Night, Saturday Morning

So, why, oh why, did none of my friends tell me how good Veronica Mars is? Most scary thought; it apparently gets better in the second half of the season. Why is this scary? Because we sat down to watch a little yesterday, having bought it from Play, and watched six episodes, one after the other. Only stopped at 3am when it started to become difficult to stay awake. This show is a rough combination of Buffy and Twin Peaks, except sassier and with better music.

In other news, I have pre-ordered the UK edition of Guitar Hero. From Game, becuase I believe, possibly erroneously, that they should be experienced in handling prioritising preorders of games in short supply. It's hard to imagine a game that is more precisely targeted to me.

And then I fell to thinking. Why guitar? If you did 'Keyboard Hero' or even 'Melodeon Hero', you could teach the rudiments of the actual instrument through the video game. You could require people not only to hit the right button at the right time, but also with the right volume (ok, that would require Hammer Action Keyboard Hero, and it might be a bit expensive for a video game controller). You could wire up a Streb e-Melodeon to a video game and make people work through morris and sea shanties to the greatest hits of John Kirkpatrick, Sharon Shannon and Kepa Junkera. Of course, development costs would be high and about three people would be interested. But there you go. It does slightly worry me that I'm about to invest quite a lot of time and energy in a video game that will not actually teach me to play the guitar.

Posted by Alison Scott at February 25, 2006 11:22 AM


For those people that already _have_ a keyboard with midi connections you could write a fun game to teach them the basics, I suspect, which would be fun.

There are guitars with midi connectors as well, so you could do likewise there.

I suspect it's beyond what most people care about though.

Posted by: Andrew Ducker at February 25, 2006 01:39 PM

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