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January 22, 2006

A couple of record companies and a reminder

I was reminded that some of the bands I've linked to have concerts in the Internet Archive. Notably Billy Bragg and Carbon Leaf.

Tim Walters wrote to tell me about his record label Doubtful Palace. Things of interest include Conjure Wife, who play 'morbid British folk songs'. Try The Silkie which they quite accurately describe as 'girl meets seal, girl gets seal, everybody dies'. Pledge Drive mixes folk with a wide variety of modern elements and Tim's own songs. Shenandoah is probably atypical of this band, but shows off Rebecca Marculescu's lovely voice.

And a mention for Fat Cat records, a UK label with two very interesting sub-sites. DIY Resource has a load of case studies and links for people thinking of self-publishing music or setting up a small label. And Demo Archive, music from 'bands that are good enough that we'd sign them if we only had more time'.

Finally, I still can't find any official mp3s for Waterson : Carthy, but there are some videos for download on their website (tucked into the members' area of the forum I fear).

Posted by Alison Scott at January 22, 2006 12:04 PM


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