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January 20, 2006


There is a baby whale swimming up the Thames. It swam right past my office; if I'd been at work today rather than at Warwick Business School, I could have joined the crowds of people gawping.

And the Horslips DVD, Return of the Dancehall Sweethearts, arrived while I was away. It's a two DVD set with the documentary, and a second DVD with many full tracks and other delights. It includes the full version of the clip I linked to on my music page.

Meanwhile, in a totally random sample of successful senior public sector managers who took a mock of CIPFA's Strategic Business Management exam (one of the final parts of the CIPFA qualification), only five out of twenty-one passed. What conclusions would you draw about (a) the calibre of public sector management, (b) the content of the SBM syllabus and exam? (6 marks). In our defence, we had had no teaching on it whatsoever; our tutors were testing the theory that we'd all pass by miles without help. I gloriously achieved the lowest score in the entire class; the first time in my entire life that this has happened to me in any subject not involving a ball. By contrast, on our very first go at the other part of the final exam, the designed-to-simulate-real-life case study, one of our number (sadly not me) had a score higher than the highest national score when that exam ran for real.

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