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September 14, 2005

Searching Lyrics

The discussion over at Making Light about Dives and Lazurus caused me to notice two things.

First, iTunes now has a 'lyrics' tab on the song info. About time too. And apparently the iPod nano supports this; you can look at the lyrics while listening to the song. I've pretty much finished grabbing album art now -- I'm at the stage of making my own 'iTunes artwork' for live sets and other things with no associated music. So a nudge towards finding 15k sets of lyrics is very timely. I must get started. Automatic lyrics searching tools appear to be able to find the lyrics for about 20% of my collection. Which is a bit depressing. (Also, I really need one that I can leave overnight searching for the entire collection, rather than a song by song one).

Second, the iTunes lyrics data isn't searchable in iTunes. And the lyrics metadata isn't indexed in Spotlight. I am boggled. Why do it without search?

Posted by Alison Scott at September 14, 2005 10:23 AM


I'm equally frustrated by the lack of search for iTunes lyrics metadata. Major oversight! I've recently found this AppleScript, which provides a mediocre solution at best. It only works on small playlists (freezes when I run it on my entire music library), and it presents its results as another playlist, which is less than optimal. Plus, it doesn't integrate with Spotlight. Have you found anything since you posted this entry?

Posted by: Dan at April 17, 2006 06:58 AM

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