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April 20, 2003

Living in the Future

I'm sitting here in my insulated geodesic dome (okay, poorly insulated geodesic dome) at the top of the Millennium Hotel in Minneapolis. Yes, it's the Millennium Dome. It's not the most sturdy structure; Erik Olson has suggested playing Dome Jenga, where you each pull out a bolt in turn until it falls down and everyone loses. We had The Time Travelers Ball Under The Stars here last night, and I'm now in the future.

To prove it, I looked for unprotected wireless nodes. Domes are good for that. A little bit of network configuration from Erik and I can blog. Hello Hinckley; are you reading me?


Spot the powerbook in this picture

Minicon is exactly like Eastercon, but with one important difference; Minicon has Unlimited Free Beer. It's even quite good unlimited free beer, from a local microbrewery. It's too cold and too fizzy, but if you get two, then the second one is warmer and flatter and just about right.

At the Time Travelers Ball, there was also Unlimited Free Cocktails; I had a Pink Lady. Pink Drink! Pink Drink! So all you people in the Hinckley Island drinking alcopops at 3 a pop, all I can say is 'nee ner nee ner'.

I may never come to Eastercon again.

Posted by Alison Scott at April 20, 2003 08:19 PM

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Great picture! now I wish I were there too. next year!

Posted by: Anita Rowland at April 21, 2003 12:30 AM

Bwah! All those lovely iBooks. Fandom is now 0wnZ0r3d. :)

Give me a yell Alison, I'll be in London on the 2nd.

Posted by: Bill Humphries at April 21, 2003 12:40 AM

Well, Hinckley had gorgeous sunny weather (at least some of the time) but no internet connection (and no free beer). Hope you're enjoying yourself

Posted by: steve davies at April 21, 2003 08:54 PM

Of course, there is a small problem, hardly noticible, with Unlimited Free Beer. As to rumors of pictures? They are completely and utterly unfounded, and will remain so, so long as the envelope's in the mailbox by the first of the month.

Posted by: Erik V. Olson at April 22, 2003 04:24 PM

iBooks? We sneer at mere iBooks!

Posted by: Erik V. Olson at April 22, 2003 04:25 PM

Hey but there's speed-bumped 900mHz iBooks with turbo chargers and nitrous injection now!

Posted by: Bill Humphries at April 22, 2003 09:30 PM

Alison, if you're returning to Minicon then I will be force to do the same! I had a great time at the con hanging about with you, Sue, and all the rest. Oh BTW I found out that there are a few pictures of Sunday night. Thought nothing too bad.

Mishalak (Matthew from Denver who didn't enjoy free beer, but did like the free hard cider.)

Posted by: Mishalak at May 6, 2003 06:31 AM

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