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April 03, 2003

All My Friends Are At the Pub

Though I did, to be fair, get a trip out to a much nicer pub on Monday. It's been a while, hasn't it? What's happened?

I'm feeling a lot better, and am back at work, though still with no idea what went wrong. My doctor is referring me to a haematologist (on the slightly spurious grounds that the only thing apparently wrong now is a blood test) in a sort of belt and braces way, but I think I'm fine. I'm eating properly (actually, I'm eating all sorts of complete junk), I'm managing to do most of my flylady routines, and I'm doing the dancemat thing again.

We seem to have invaded, not that I'm watching the news or anything. Everyone linked to the "Operation Piss Off the Planet" Onion Special Issue. But my favourite bit was the top right hand corner.

His teen appeal section may leave something to be desired, but I think there's something rather endearing about Tom Watson, Labour MP for West Bromwich, with his blog. I might have an entire blogroll section for MPs, if I can find a few others whose blogs don't appear to be written by their researchers.

After last month, when we were all eating Caramacs, this month I hanker after an almost new product. Steven, who is a man who understands my tastes in confectionery, bought me a Snickers flapjack in a petrol station somewhere in England a few weeks ago. (I wasn't feeling terribly well at the time, ok? I have no idea where we were at all, except that I'm reasonably confident it was north of London.) It was quite scrummy and neatly combined all the best features of, well, Snickers bars and flapjacks. I've been looking out for them ever since with no luck whatsoever. So, if you know a handy Whitehall source, let me know.

Steven, meanwhile, is planning to buy a new bike tomorrow. His old one was looking a bit rusty, especially when compared to my Powerbook.

But mostly, I've been playing Geneforge, a non-linear, isometric rpg in which you get to roam around a map, work through a substantial plot with lots of endings, and grow beasties to fight for you. It's shareware, and the demo's plenty long enough to get you hooked if you like that sort of thing.

When I did get round to buying it, I did so as part of Ten for X Games, a compliation of interesting Mac shareware, all registered. That cost me about 60% more than Geneforge would have been on its own, but includes several other interesting looking games. Haven't played any of them, though; too busy working back through Geneforge a second time trying to find the rumoured mega Easter Egg (I've had a hint which I think will allow me to track it down).

And my mouse has definitely about to turn up its furry little toes. ("This mouse is utter rubbish," said Dr Plokta the other week, just as it was becoming erratic). Not remotely Apple's fault; I've just dropped the bloody thing off the edge of the desk one too many times. Time to put the iMac on a proper desk and relegate one of the PCs to the skip attic. Just went to look at the Apple website. 45! For a mouse with only one button? They have to be kidding.

Posted by Alison Scott at April 3, 2003 08:52 PM

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Geneforge is developed by a talk.bizarre oldbie, Jeff Vogel. His "Story about the baby", at http://www.ironycentral.com/ I find endlessly amusing. I will send a copy to my brother, a father now for nearly a year.

Posted by: Damien Warman at April 4, 2003 12:29 AM

As an alternative to Apple's own mice, check out Logitech. According to my Argos catalogue you can get a cordless 3-button mouse for 40 euro.

Posted by: David Stewart at April 4, 2003 03:40 PM

Here at my new OS X iMac, not yet phased in to being my main computer (tho the others are getting pretty frustrating), I am using a Logitech wireless trackball. Though the desk and chair are horribly unergonomic I am saving my wrist a lot of agony (sometimes even holding it on the side of my knee) and have a second button to boot (the central wheel isn't on my map yet).

Posted by: Sarah Prince at April 7, 2003 03:56 AM

um, thought you might like to know that a tour you mentioned in your blog a while ago has started up again for the summer. all the details are on the backpassages of spitalfields website. www.backpassageswalks.co.uk

Posted by: passer-by at April 7, 2003 10:51 AM

I'm very interested indeed in the information about the Back Passages of Spitalfields. I've added an update to my original mention, so that if anyone else finds it there and is interested they will be able to find out how to go. The text from the leaflet is on the website as well, and by a Herculean effort of will I've managed to prevent myself from reading the entire thing and thereby spoiling much of the fun of the tour, which Steven & I will certainly do. I wonder how it is for kids?

Posted by: Alison Scott at April 7, 2003 03:56 PM

We have found you! Don't worry about reading the online version of the walk too much, the live version is very different.Kids? Well, it all depends on the child, but they do tend to get a bit restless after an hour and half!

Posted by: Alan Gilbey at May 20, 2003 01:56 AM

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