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June 05, 2012

Remembering Childhood Nightmares

Of course, when you're busy, there's lots of things to write about and little time to do it. So this is a very quick update. We were driving back from Chippenham last night when the beacons were lit, and had fun spotting the ones near the road. I love beacons, though I think it's a shame that they abandoned proper beacon chains in favour of specific lighting times.

We missed the Jubilee Concert of course, but it appears to have been very well staged. Highlight is unquestionably Madness, with the light show on the palace -- at 2:41 in the BBC playback (for a week) or on YouTube (until it gets taken down, but more will spring up I'm sure).

An inspirational concept rather than an inspirational video today: Hard Fun. Isn't all the best fun hard?

And since I last looked, the 1972 ITV adaptation of Marianne Dreams has both been issued on DVD and been deleted. That's sort of annoying. Anyway, it was (I never remembered this) called Escape into Night. I'm amused to see that it's rated '12', even all these years later. Obviously I saw it when it was brand spanking new; I was seven at the time and it had a lasting impression on me to say the least. The colour originals have been lost so this DVD is black and white. In the way of the modern world, the entire thing is also on YouTube.

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