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April 29, 2009

Free Big Fish Games

Big Fish Games Logo
Edit June 2009: Not any more, for the large number of you googling this! That's Free as in Beer. Casual Gameplay explains that Big Fish Games is giving away four of its best games for absolutely nothing for a month or so. That's Azada, Hidden Expedition:Everest, Fairway Solitaire and Spa Mania, all available for Windows or Mac. I have already bought the first three of these, and really enjoyed all of them. You need to have a (free) Big Fish account, and you need to be careful when using the coupon codes (FREEAZADA, FREEEVEREST, FREEFAIRWAY and FREESPA) to uncheck paid-for options. When all is well, your checkout total will be zero. And obviously, they're hoping to reel you in and sell you loads more games. Which would not be such a bad thing.

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