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March 01, 2009

Easy Sunday brunch in Walthamstow

I've been running (watch out for a post soon on 'how to run in a very very geeky way'). This morning I took advantage of a completely free diary to have a slightly longer run, and then we did our regular habit on Sundays when we're at home of wandering down to the farmer's market to indulge our pigitarian habits by buying sausage butties from the Giggly Pig. I have just discovered that the owner of Giggly Pig has a near-perfect rags to riches story; she learnt to farm pigs while serving a ten-year prison sentence and set the company up on release.

Even better than the pig in a bun was the discovery that I can now buy raw milk on the market, from Grove Farm in Hollesley Bay. They don't even have a website. The black and white labels on the bottles have a little newsletter about the cows and what they're up to. We couldn't take a photo of the milk because we were too busy drinking it, but Syrup and Tang reviewed their milk a little while ago, including photos of the milk and labels. People remark on the colour of this milk, but I'd say it's exactly the same colour as pasteurised Jersey milk, full of cream. It's the taste we're after. There's apparently a prison connection here too; the farm used to be a prison farm, and the owners employ ex-offenders from the prison nearby.

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