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September 08, 2007

Pontificating on the new iPods.

Apple released new iPods, and I want all of them. Once again I'm like a donkey with too many appetising bales of straw: I have been waiting for six years for an iPod that was substantially bigger than my iTunes library, and now there is one; the 160Gb iPod Classic. I could really carry all my music around at once. But would I? I moved to smaller iPods with the iPod mini and never really missed carrying a brick around. My iPod nano is only nine months old and remains gorgeous, but is now completely obsolete. The new nanos are an excellent mesh of size, functionality and price, and I think Apple will sell them by the truckload. And the iPod touch looks great, but I'm worried by the functional overlap with my Nokia 770. By which I mean that the Nokia 770 has a bigger, better screen (800x480 instead of 480x320, with a higher pixel density than the new nano, at about 225dpi), and it's a superb ebook reader. A compromise product would work very well for me, with the physical size and capacity of the iPod touch, the screen density of the Nokia, a 640x480 screen, and applications including an ebook reader. That doesn't sound like a big ask, so watch out for an update to the iPod touch next year including ebook sales through the iTunes store.

And on the subject of the iTunes store, why isn't there a setting that says 'never show me any music other than iTunes Plus'? I won't buy music with DRM, and I never will other than by accident. So making it impossible to browse the iTunes store for Plus music only isn't actually a smooth move; I find it very difficult to work out what's available.

Posted by Alison Scott at September 8, 2007 09:35 AM


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