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June 10, 2007

Good Customer Service

Thumbs up to Edirol, who mended my R-09 for nothing after I incautiously dropped it onto a hard floor at Chippenham. Silly me, and yes, they knew it had been dropped; I didn't pretend it was a warranty repair.

Separately, I had a shock on Thursday; my iMac, which has never given me a moment's trouble, wouldn't turn on. Luckily I could use another computer to discover that this is a known fault with iMac G5s of a particular age, and there's a repair extension programme. We took it into the Apple Store in Bluewater on Friday evening (which unusually allows online booking of genius slots a couple of days in advance), they fixed it yesterday, and we picked it up this morning.

Finally, I would once again recommend Center Parcs as a good place to hold an inter-generational family holiday. There were twelve of us, ranging in age from two to 70. We had a lovely time at Sherwood Forest, including swimming, sandpits, water slides, a raft ride, falconry (again), a trip on the boating pond, archery, bowling, table tennis and large, agreeable, family meals.

Posted by Alison Scott at June 10, 2007 06:27 PM


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