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January 05, 2007

Happy New Year

Over Christmas people started spamming the blog, so comment notification is turned back on. Meanwhile, I'm getting 500 errors on key page rebuilds. I find that the prospect of rebuilding Movable Type again fills me with gloom and is unlikely to happen till March at the earliest. So I cannot edit the Potted Music page. Meanwhile, Spiers and Boden have a new website, and all the links to music from their site have now broken. Joy.

The correct links are:
Bold Sir Rylas
Sportsman's Hornpipe

and for Bellowhead, Fire Marengo.

Mad Spiers & Boden fans should also note that I 'quite often' have a CD of sea shanties on which Spiers and Boden appear for sale on eBay.

The Tate Modern slides may or may not be art, but the level 5 slide is the largest slide in Britain and they are free. Höller argues that slides combat depression and improve mental health; I think what he means is that it's great fun. Go, but go early in the day; we picked up timed tickets for noon and 12:30 at about 10:45am, but TM warns that late-arriving visitors will not be able to get tickets. I was so excited by the experience of sliding that I almost forgot I'd brought my stereo camera with me. They could do with recycling arrangements for the tickets of those who wimp out on the higher slides; the top slide in particular was notably under-subscribed.

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