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January 21, 2006

Musical Bits and Pieces

Return of the Dancehall Sweethearts, the Horslips DVD, is great. You can get it from Irish Music International for £19.99 postpaid worldwide. The Maurice Linnane rockumentary sets the Horslips in the wider context of Ireland in the 70s. It intersperses musical clips with interviews with the band and many other Irish music professionals. But as well as the rockumentary, you get a second full DVD, with 19 tracks from live performances as TV appearances. Delight at the music. Marvel at the clothes. Listen to famous people explaining that the first n gigs they ever saw were all the Horslips. Marvel at the clothes some more. It's brilliant.

Meanwhile, Coth Records seems to be to be an exemplar for a website for a small record label. Pages for each band make it clear what sort of music they play, make it straightforward to buy CDs, and include sample mp3s. There's a newsletter and a gig list. There's very little flash, no irritating music players, and only a few of the samples are short. I was after the 'noisy band', Graft, who describe themselves as 'either heavy folk, or English traditional rock'. You might try Polly (Put the Kettle On).

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