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July 05, 2005

Back on my Hobby Horse

A super quick plug for The Mini Morris Company and its indefatigable proprietor Liam Robinson ("sometimes my girlfriend helps out too"). Lots of different semi-traditional arts, mostly schools work, with set up from the Princes Trust.

Liam kept very busy at the Crawley folk festival, running a workshop on melodeon in which I got to play with a one-row box (I might be hooked on squeezeboxes, yes), and one on Molly dancing. He also sold us a set of sheet music for Lincolnshire dance tunes, and gave us the demo CD by his band Pigeon English.

Oh, yes, and he did two hobby horse workshops, making highly traditional osses using none-too traditional craft foam and a glue gun. We ended up with a pair of fine hobby horses and a hobby moose. Yes, I know it looks more like a hobby goat; those orange twiddly things are metaphorical antlers. Still, this is by some margin the Best Children's Craft Workshop Ever. Or ever so far. "Do you do birthday parties?" I asked, plotting.

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