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February 20, 2005

I love Marmite

I put this in Trinkets first, but decided to blog it properly. The wheeze is to compare Google scores for "I love [foo]" and "I hate [foo]", and then develop an index based on the positive or negative vibes, and the passion with which they are held. Apple, for example (you knew I was getting there) has one of the most passionate fan bases, and 23 times as many people love them as hate them -- or at least are prepared to say so in their blog. That's the highest score so far spotted for a brand; but that's because Apple's user base are members of a weird sick religious cult (for comparison, Jesus scores even higher). Marmite, surely the iconic brand for this riff, has about 3 times as many lovers as haters out there in webspace. The lowest score so far spotted is Walmart, with nearly ten times as many haters as lovers. But maybe you can do better?

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February 03, 2005

Just what I needed; an excuse to buy two iPods at once!

I think I may need an iPod Photo stereoscope. I can't believe I hadn't thought of this already.

It's more a proof-of-concept idea. I'm already using my Clié TH55 to carry stereo pairs around with me. The Clié has a screen resolution of 480x320, so a vertical pair has resolution of 240x320. By comparison, the iPod photo is 220x176. With this stereoscope you'd be able to see every pixel. A little while ago there was a Nokia product called the Kaleidoscope; it struck me at the time that a pair of these would make an excellent electronic Viewmaster, but again, screen resolution (270x228) is just too low.

The advantage of the iPod photo solution is, of course, that you can store all your stereo photos; and, as the writer suggests, you can output from S video to a dual projector set up with fabulous quality.

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