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January 06, 2004

A Visitation from Apple Santa

Most of Steve Jobs' announcements occurred while I was away from my desk doing yoga. I arrived back bendy and mellow, and found that iPhoto can now handle 25,000 photos, includes picture rating and smart playlists ("I'd like a slideshow of every photo I took between June and September that I gave 4 or more stars to"), and allows you to rotate and rate photos as they're coming in from USB. As I'd got sufficiently irritated with iPhoto that I spent part of my holidays searching for an alternative photo managing program, I'm really pleased with this.

GarageBand sounds good for me, too; though it sounds really, really good for a whole host of people who are just a bit better than me at this sort of stuff -- but still not good enough to warrant spending money on a real studio. If I bought the electric violin I faunch after, I could plug it straight into the iMac!

Update: I thought the iPod mini looked cute but not quite the right product for me. But then the dimensions sunk in. My mobile phone is the Nokia 8310, a small cute phone that is near-ubiquitous in the UK. The iPod mini is the same length, slightly wider, slightly thinner, slightly smaller overall volume, slightly heavier. And my phone is tiny. I mean, the iPod's not huge, but I don't ever lose it in my bag, or forget I'm carrying it. That's the difference. And the difference might not be much, but if you carry a phone, and a PDA, and an iPod, and a (wipes away tear) digital camera, you sure notice if they each weighs 100g or 200g. And while 4Gb is not enough to rid yourself of having to pay attention to what music you've got with you, it's enough to ensure you have music to suit a variety of moods. So I guess, once they're cheaper, and we're back on an even keel, it might suit me better for commuting than my current iPod.

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